Texas Freeze 2024, Exxon drama, Davos Highlights | BDE

[00:00:00] Back with Eminem Jokes!
[00:00:23] Super Bowl Hype and Cultural Gaps
[00:00:46] Storm Stories and Power Grid Talk
[00:01:45] Renewables Debate and Twitter Battles
[00:02:08] Breaking Down the Energy Mix During the Storm
[00:03:06] Freezing Problems and Smart Solutions
[00:04:01] Local Energy Politics and Quirks
[00:05:08] Global Energy Scenes and Big Picture Stuff
[00:06:24] Energy Market Moves and Future Bets
[00:07:19] Cool Energy Projects and Innovations
[00:08:15] Deep Dive into Energy Market Dynamics
[00:09:37] Energy Data: Truth vs Bias
[00:10:36] Exploring the World for Energy
[00:12:06] Predicting the Energy Future
[00:14:52] Tech and Treasure Hunts in Energy
[00:16:27] Where's the Money in Energy?
[00:18:12] What's Next in Energy Tech?
[00:19:27] Energy Giants: Strategies and Moves
[00:21:33] Exxon Drama
[00:24:41] Shareholders Stirring the Pot in Energy Companies
[00:27:46] Global Energy Decisions: What's Next?
[00:30:55] Davos Highlights and Energy Talks
[00:33:36] US energy & Donald Trump
[00:37:47] World's Energy Security and Big Decisions
[00:41:46] Global Votes and Energy Impacts
[00:44:12] Farewell Tribute and end of show talk
Texas Freeze 2024, Exxon drama, Davos Highlights | BDE